Our Crowdfunding

BONAIRESWISS A.G. is a company founded in March 2017. Our mission is to develop and produce drugs of very high dilution with zero toxicity and no side effects.

As a new, newly founded company, we go through times of fluctuation in our sales of raw material and therefore in our investment capacity. Seeking to keep accelerating our growth and, at the same time, taking a participatory campaign to our target audience, we decided to make the next stage of our company’s investments, a collaborative step.

To do this, we bring to the public our call for small investment funds. So, through your participation and collaboration, we will be able to raise the necessary funds to register with Swissmedic (FDA of Switzerland) and launch our products.

One of our products is already in the Indian and South African market, reaching quite significant monthly numbers for a highly diluted medicinal product. Especially considering the Indian market, where homeopathy, in general, can only be sold with indication.

In this Crowdfunding, you can choose investments between US$ 100.00 and US$ 100 thousand. And the rewards you will receive, are commensurate with the value you are willing to invest. You can browse the page of our call for funds and on our website to know more about our company.