About us

BONAIRESSWISS AG aims, from Switzerland, the proper land for quality, transparency, and reliability, to reach the complementary therapies market, bringing to it the scientific resources, the quality of production, and the reliability of more than 80 years of experience of its leaders in the field of homeopathy.

BONAIRESWISS AG is a company headquartered in Zürich. At the address, Nüschelerstrasse 31.

Our company was constituted with the mission to produce, distribute, and commercialize the homeopathic products developed by the research.

Having thus, in its controlling a group of highly qualified professionals for the implantation and development of the company, its products, and brands within the Swiss and international market. The team merges knowledge related to research and development in the field of homeopathy, production, and marketing in the pharmaceutical area, and human resources management and business managing.