The Partner

Natel India is one of Bonaireswiss’s biggest and best commercial partners. A.G .. Located in Mumbai, India, Natel India produces our M8 Immunomodulator, in the form of Anbuta Plus.

Anbuta Plus – M8

In the search for new therapies novel drugs and medications are being discovered, developed and tested in laboratories.

Highly diluted substances are intended to enhance immune system responses resulting in reduced frequency of various diseases, and often present no risk of serious side-effects due to its low toxicity. It was developed and tested several highly diluted tinctures and it was described the biological activity (de Oliveira et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2011, 11:101

Cytotoxicity, cytokines released and NF- B activation were determined after in vitro treatment. Cell viability, oxidative response, lipid peroxidation, bone marrow, and lymph node cells immunophenotyping were accessed after in vivo treatment. None of the tested highly diluted tinctures were cytotoxic. All compounds enhanced innate immunity, including M8 (ANBUTA PLUS).

Well-structured methodological studies are useful to understand how highly diluted tinctures work. It was certified high quality, physicochemical composition, and endotoxin-free conditions of its matrices. Dilution procedures have followed the standard methodology described at the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. The resulting aqueous solution is colorless and odorless and contains less 0.1% alcohol. These were stored in the dark at room temperature.

Therefore, in summary, M8 (ANBUTA PLUS) is a homeopathic complex medicine (HCM) with immunomodulatory properties, without toxicity nor mutagenic effects. This homeopathic immunotherapy can kindly restore the immune system to recognize tumor cells and can be used as therapeutic interventions in disorders where the immune system is compromised.

  • ANBUTA PLUS (M8) decreased TNF-a production. High levels of any cytokine show an imbalance of immune system. The answer of homeopathic complexes is to return to a balance production.
  • Activate some cells that are resting or inhibited, mainly defense cells, as stromal cells from bone marrow, macrophages, NK cells, antigen-presenting cells, lymphocytes.
  • ANBUTA PLUS (M8) decreased opportunistic diseases.
  • ANBUTA PLUS (M8) decreased an extracellular matrix molecule related to metastasis and angiogenesis, so decreasing metastasis and decreasing the production of new blood vessels, so decreasing the nourishing capacity of the tumor cells.

Prof. Dr. Dorly de Freitas Buchi