A BONAIRESWISS A.G. is a company concerned with the quality and efficiency of its products. Ready to be tested, two of its products have been in the hands of scientists for over 20 years seeking, with their research results, to prove the efficiency and reliability of their products. quality of homeopathy in the health care of humans and animals.

At the present time, when BONAIRESWISS A.G. is ready for the world market, it could not be otherwise.


Once again homeopathy surprises the scientific world with wonderful results.

Published in the International Journal of Oncology (Spandidos Publication), the article by Brazilian scientists, Jenifer Pendiuk Gonçalves, Francine Bittencourt Potrich, Maria Luiza Ferreira Dos Santos, Viviana Stephanie Costa Gagosian, Gustavo Rodrigues Rossi, Thiago Jacomasso, Helena Bonciani Nader Edvaldo S. Trindade and Dr. Carolina Camargo De Oliveira, shows how homeopathic complexes have the ability to positively modify the functioning of the immune system.

The article is brand new and was published by the magazine on Friday, August 2, 2019.

In the link, you can find the original publication!

Raul de Freitas Buchi